John’s resume looked fabulous, showing tremendous talent
and advancement. His qualifications were beyond question
and he built immediate rapport with everyone in the interview
process. Every one of his references checked out.

Six months later, you were wondering why you hired this

Today’s hiring professionals seem to prefer recruiting
candidates from the ranks of the employed. It is a logical
approach assuming others have recognized their talent and
retained them while untalented people were sent to the
unemployment line by their frustrated past employer.

The reality being overlooked in this scenario is that most
employers fail to deal effectively with under performers.

The secret in effective recruiting today is to understand the
twelve mistakes commonly made by hiring professionals
and recruitment teams. How do you avoid making the same
errors? The payoff of avoiding these errors is the ability to
shift the time currently spent on recruiting toward other
aspects of running the business or developing other facets
of human resources.

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