Turn dreams
to goals
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Step 2

This could very well be the biggest stumbling block for new
entrepreneurs, and continues to be a struggle for
experienced business people.

It is easy to have dreams. Young girls dream about meeting
a handsome prince and having a magnificent wedding. A
young boy becomes captivated by a sport and dreams
about making the final play to win the championship. A new
entrepreneur dreams about opening their business and then
retiring on the beach in Maui. Why is it that only a small
handful of people attain these, or any dreams? The answer
is really quite simple; they know how to turn their dreams into

Success is a matter of taking a dream and turning it into a
goal. It is more than semantics. A dream is a desire while a
goal is an actionable plan.

The transition from dream to goal involves four steps:

  1. Assign measurable actions.
  2. Apply an element of time.
  3. Examine your resources.
  4. Examine the cost.

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If resources are insufficient or the cost is too great, you need
to rethink the goal. This does not mean to reject it as it may
simply need to be tweaked slightly. If the goal is too soft, go
back to step one and two and increase your expectation or
shorten the timing. If the second phase validates that the
goal is possible, you can continue the road to success!

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