If you want to increase employee engagement you may want
to consider making the recruiting process part of your
engagement plan. If you are successful at early engagement
you will find that you are put in a greater position by getting
applicants strongly favoring your company and more likely to
accept your initial offer.

One way to early engagement is to offer your applicants the
information they most want to know. This will present an
open-honesty culture that instills trust and confidence.

According to a
Glassdoor Site Survey conducted in the
United States in January, 2016, the five most desired
pieces of information are:

  1. Details on compensation packages
  2. Details on benefits packages
  3. Basic company information
  4. Details on what makes the company an attractive
    place to work
  5. Company mission, vision, and values

Some may think it wrong to give out this information before
the negotiation process begins but that overlooks a
fundamental element of engagement. Engaged employees
have a feeling of individual value that contributes to the
overall organizational results.

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