How to effectively connect
to your employees

The culture of a contemporary workplace requires leaders to
connect with their employees or maximum performance.
Many leaders struggle with this concept through an incorrect
belief they will be admired and respected automatically. This
is not the case in today’s workplaces.

Unlike the builder / traditionalist generation and baby
boomers who are very open to respecting those in higher
positions Generation X feels respect must be earned. This
increases the difficulty in making a strong connection to
provide a coherent and cohesive team.

There are four key activities that will increase the
connectivity a leader has to the team: (
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  1. Devote a pre-set amount of time to talk to your people
  2. Recruit lieutenants,
  3. Keep track of how many times you compliment.
  4. Make sure they give you the good and bad.

By perfecting these activities leader will find a much stronger
connection to their employees which will result in higher
morale, team member retention, increased quality and
higher productivity.
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