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There are certain times each year that business seems to
go on hold. The week between Christmas and New Year’s
Day, the week containing the Fourth of July and the week of
Easter are all times that entrepreneurs and business people
find difficult to be productive. Some find these days to be a
great time for vacation but others cannot afford to take the
vacation or are more driven to concentrate on business. For
those individuals here are four ways to make the time

1. Challenge yourself with goals

Think about the next December 31. As you look in the mirror
on that last day of the year, what are three things that, if
accomplished, you can say to yourself, “it was a great year!”?

You might be saying that three things is not enough. Granted
it sounds excellent to have achieved dozens of major goals,
but you are less likely to be successful unless you focus on
just three major goals.   

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