Do you get as upset as I do about people that continue to
repeat old worn-out arguments? It seems like every expert
panel on television and radio business programs is loaded
with all sorts of pontificates exposing “expert knowledge”
about the automotive industry. These wizards keep repeating
a four decade old chant. It goes something to the effect of,
“well if Detroit would build what people wanted it would not
be in this problem.”

This has been particularly disappointing lately as the industry
has had a remarkable rebound. Detroit’s auto makers are
still not getting the respect of the media and many car buyers
that it deserves.

It was very obvious in April, 2009, the world's last major
independent automaker, the
Ford Motor Company, sold
201,000 vehicles. During the same month,
Toyota USA,
widely acclaimed for selling what people do want, only sold
126,540 units according to Auto Observer.

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