Professional coaches are aware of the need to use some sort of an
employee assessment before beginning a coaching relationship. Sadly
this is often missing in peer coaching.

Some companies and professional coaches think they are identifying the
real areas where improvement is needed using DISC assessments.
Wrong! DISC assessment results will always come back reaffirming to
the taker what they already knew. Very seldom do they identify genuine
strengths or weaknesses because DISC is an ipsative assessment.

Ipsative assessments evaluate someone using their input without
comparing their input to other individuals. What it does is it shows a
person exactly what they think about themselves.

The proper method is to use an assessment which examines answers
based on widespread commonality. In this manner the coach will quickly
learn exactly what aspects of the employee need the most addressing.

Once professional or peer coaching has identified the proper areas of
improvement have manifested themselves across the entire work team,
or at least most of it, the workplace culture see improvement rather

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