Many people underestimate the potentially catastrophic impact
of “Brain Drain”. The Pentagon is now dealing with the problem
on a very serious scale. They need to refurbish America’s
arsenal of Trident nuclear warheads, but Washington has a

In the 25 years since the warheads were first armed it seems the
original personnel, which did not take the time to document the
process, has retired or died. Now the National Nuclear Security
Administration is spending millions of dollars trying to recreate
the procedure.

According to
U Express, others are experiencing similar
problems. In Germany over three hundred top secret files have
been lost. The files are so secret the German company does not
even know what is in them!

Brain Drain occurs when experienced employees retire. Surveys
show baby boomers have temporarily deferred their retirements
until the economy recovers. Once they see recovery has ended,
a record exodus of experience will leave the workplace --
creating a significant brain drain.

There are six essential steps for organizations to stop brain
drain by ramping up the experience of Gens X and Y while
retaining Boomers longer. They are:

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6 steps to
prevent brain drain
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