Age isn't always a factor in your success or failure. Consider these
famous examples:

  • Doe Counsilman swam the English Channel at age 58.

  • Edmund Hoyle, the writer of rules for many popular games was
    70 years old when he started to compile his According to Hoyle
    rule book.

  • Grandma Moses started painting after arthritis ended her
    embroidery career when she was 80. In fact, more than 300 of
    her 1,500 paintings were completed after she turned 100.

  • President Ronald Reagan entered the political arena when he was
    55 years old.

  • Julia Child did not cook her first meal until she was almost 40 and
    did not start her long-running television show until she was 50.

  • Colonel Harlan Sanders did not start Kentucky Fried Chicken until
    he was 66. He used his first social security check to fund it.

  • Laura Ingels Wilder, author of the classic Little House of the
    Prairie, published her first book when she was 65.

  • Michelangelo was 71 when he painted the Sistine Chapel.

  • Albert Schweitzer, physician and humanitarian, was still
    performing operations at 89.

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