One of the most effective marketing tools is public speaking.
Participation at the microphone of a conference, seminar,
radio or television broadcast, trade show or other forum can
help establish credibility for you, your products and your
services. Like other types of power, the power of public
speaking can be good or bad.

As a public speaker you need to engage your audience with
the first words out of your mouth. The audience will not take
long to determine if they will listen to you with respect or
simply tune you out.

Winning the audience instantly takes talent and wit. Before
succumbing to cancer,
Mark 'Doc' Andrews lived his life’s
dream of being the radio voice of the
Detroit Pistons of the
NBA.  His booming voice that was captivatingly clear and
his enthusiasm engaged listeners as he called the play-by-
play. He also did sportscasts for the Detroit radio station

Almost always behind the mask of radio or pre-seated at a
desk in front of a television camera, Andrews did make
appearances at conferences from time to time as a
motivational speaker.

As he walked onto the stage people would often enter a
state of disbelief as they realized this powerfully deep voice
was packages in a 4' 7" frame. He would climb onto a
platform designed to elevate him so he could see over the
podium and in one phrase would win over the audience.

What did he say to win over his audience immediately?

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many points in workshops, coaching
sessions, or during personal reflection. To
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Doc Andrews
Little man with a big voice