In “How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile” is updated each
year by Brenda Bernstein. It looks at common errors that
people make in creating their profile and how to project an
image of professionalism and seriousness.

By being updated annually it includes the latest features,
logic, and programming LinkedIn is using. This includes:
✔ Mobile-specific instructions
✔ Special advice from a past recruiter
✔ Secret tip: Write headlines over 120 characters
✔ How to reply to and cancel invitations to connect
✔ How to connect without InMail
✔ Upcoming new analytics
✔ How to find alumni connections (now that the Alumni
function is gone)
✔ New best practices for the LinkedIn summary section
✔ The new face of LinkedIn Jobs
✔ LinkedIn's new Open Candidates feature
✔ Updated instructions for Company Showcase Pages
✔ Hidden Search Tools

Her previous books, “How to Write a Winning Resume” and
“How to Write a Stellar Executive Resume” were bestsellers
demonstrating the quality and value of her insights.

This book is ideal for:

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How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile
. . . and 18 Mistakes to Avoid