Long names seem to be in style for generational books and
this one is no different.

When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash.
How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work is written from
the perspective that generations are cohorts. Like
Generations at Work this book takes time to explain the
differences in the generations to lay a foundation to
understand how harmony and cohesiveness can take place
in a multi-generational environment.

The book compiles the top 10 areas in which generations

It is in these areas where extremely distinct viewpoints held
by baby boomers differ from Generation Xers, and
Generation Y, However these areas turn from distraction to
competitive advantage once supervisors know how to
connect a multi-generational work group into a multi-
generational team.

This book is ideal for:

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When Generations Collide
How to Solve the Generational Puzzle