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A true leader never has the focus on her or him. In fact
excellent leaders typically do not even use the term “me”,
preferring to use the term “we”. The only exception to this
rule is when something goes wrong, in which case the focus
of a leader is definitely on “me”, taking full personal
responsibility for the error.

When faced with a new policy, procedure, product, or
service, a successful leader should consider the question,
“What’s In It For Them?” The subtle difference in this
question versus the original is that the leader is thinking
about what the leader should be thinking about -- the team.

The Ziglar approach
Zig Ziglar said it best, “you can get everything you want in
life if you help enough people get what they want.”

Zig's comment emphasizes the leadership principle of
continually focusing on others. It applies to managers and
salespeople. As they help those with whom they come in
contact, they will see their work teams develop and their
sales excel. It ultimately turns the managers and
salespeople and to true leaders.

When the leader focuses on the advantages the team will
receive, a leader begins to understand the true motivation
of the group as a whole. Being a successful leader, he or
she has already developed the feeling among the team that
as the entire team gains success, each individual member
of the team also gains success.

To reach excellence in any leadership capacity, always ask
yourself, “what's in it for them?’ When you answer this
question and maintain a focus on the answer, you decrease
yourself and increase others. It is at this point that Zig's
philosophy proves itself to actually deliver to you your life's

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