An important part of marketing is the image you project to
your customers. It is not just important with the big obvious
things, it is important also among the minor details. Failure
to pay attention to small details sends a message that you
may be missing things in more important areas. One spot
this is commonly true is at your copier.

Let's say an important client is in and you offer to make a
copy. But instead of being clear, it has a dark streak or has
freckles from scratches on the glass. The means you did not
use a copier, you used a "sloppier".

It is a serious problem for businesses that want to make a
great impression on their clients. The bad impressions
made by the sloppier translate directly into bad impressions
on your customers. They will wonder, if only subconsciously,
it you have other areas in your business with a poor lack of
attention or quality.

One of the best values in business today is a service
contract for your copier. It eliminates any hesitation in
getting it fixed when a drum or glass is damaged or worn.
The price is often based on your actual usage and many
times the service contract includes toner cartridges for free.

If the repairs are not immediate, use one of the many
professional copy centers, which are abundantly located
throughout most major cities. Staples, Office Max and
FedEx Office all have copy centers and are easy to use. For
large quantities go to an off-set printer. They are too
expensive for small quantities but for large orders they will
be cheaper than copies and will look much more

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