It seems every office has someone that fits the
unconventional business term, “Orbiter” Anyone that has
been in the business world has meet at least one orbiter
during their career. The term does not refer to a celestial
object moving around the Earth nor does it apply to a

An “Orbiter” is someone that is continually going around in
circles. They are always active but never seem to get things
done. Orbiters not only work at a lessened productivity rate,
they erode the productivity of everyone within their orbit.
What they are really orbiting is productivity.

A survey of Detroit-area employers revealed a similarity to
several national Gallup polls. These polls show that 50
percent of employees admit they could do more work, 25
percent confess they do just what they have to do to keep
from being fired, and only the minority balance are working
at their peak productivity.

Fueling the orbiter could be procrastination tendencies, lack
of knowledge of how to best do a job, lack of engagement
with the organizational mission or vision, so a number of
other causes. You can get them to land by giving them a
very clear singular goal and truly empowering them to obtain
the goal. Tie the goal to a corporate objective and make
sure it is quantifiable with timed completions. Progress
should be swiftly acknowledged with verbal praise.

Use this term for developing skills in these areas:

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