“Imbalance sheet” is strictly financial spreadsheet
terminology. Max first ran across it working at a
Kmart in
Lorain, Ohio, a small city on the coast of Lake Erie between
Cleveland and Detroit.

At the time, it was commonplace to keep bookkeeping
records on large green analysis pads. Lucy, the store’s
bookkeeper, said the books never balanced the first time.
She began calling it her “Imbalance Sheet”. She would
spend hours going through several hundred of the week’s
entries trying to find a number that was only a few pennies

With computer technology today books normally balance
themselves, but not necessarily to the exact number (due to
rounding) or to the manually maintained cash drawer. Also
today’s Excel spreadsheets can be thrown off balance with
an incorrect formula embedded within in. Talent is required
to find the wrong formula much the same way Lucy had to
analyze her imbalance sheets.

It is this second fact that has allowed the “Imbalance Sheets”
to transcend the age of technology.

Max wants you to know about the imbalance sheet because
it relates to self-confidence. Lucy was not confident in her
abilities. Despite being one of the best bookkeepers Lucy
had no confidence in her ability.

Eliminate imbalance sheets by building the confidence of
your employees and peers. Point out the successes on a
regular basis until they believe in their talent.

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