With the expense of travel today it is not uncommon to have
meetings on Skype, an online conferencing service,
GoToMeeting, or a traditional telephone service. It seems to
go something like this: some of the participants log in and
then they wait for more parties to be added. Usually there is
some banter or ice breaking until it is perceived everyone
that attends has arrived. Then they have a lively discussion
with great exchange of ideas and information. An hour later
everyone hangs up or signs off. Days pass and nothing else

This is what Max refers to as a “Conference Slaw”. The term
refers to a multi-party real time communication event
involving several people but during the call there are no solid
outcomes that are enacted upon.

How many times have you witnessed people gathered in
multiple locations huddled around a black
telecommunication box to discuss a problem to be solved or
decision to be made? Sure they have good intentions but
without effective meeting strategies participants will end the
call without solid outcomes.

It is important to take conference slaw off your menu of
meeting formats. Skype is experiencing double digit growth
and is often featured on television shows. For business and
pleasure, Skype has revolutionized conferencing and
increases the possibility of you serving up some conference

Prevent “Conference Slaw” by having a clear agenda, a
moderator to monitor the conversation against the agenda,
and someone to ensure the decision to be made or problem
to be solved is clearly understood – and that all conversation
is focused on the solution/decision.

Use this term for developing skills in these areas:
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"Conference Slaw"
A Bizerm™