Nancy opened the door to find the smiling face of a well-
polished salesperson.

“Good afternoon,” he said, “May I have a moment of your
time to demonstrate the newest technology in vacuum

“I haven’t got any money,” she said as she started to close
the door.

But the salesperson had moved his foot into the door well,
preventing its closure. “But Madame, you at least owe it to
yourself to see the demonstration.” No quicker were the
words out of his mouth than he was emptying a bag of dirt
onto the carpet.

Although she looked panicked he reassured her, “if this
does not pick up all the dirt I will personally eat it.”

Sure enough, within minutes he was eating dirt.

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Vacuum salesman
had to eat dirt
As Aesop established hundreds of years ago with his
timeless fables we remember words best when we
become engaged in a story. Max has compiled an
anecdotal story collection designed to generate “ah-
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