The physicist ended each workweek with a trip to the corner
coffee shop. He always purchased a large coffee and
carried it to the next to the last table at the back of the shop.
Once seated he would turn around to the empty table at the
back of the shop and offer to buy one for a girl who was not

The people behind the counter watched this scenario as it
repeated itself each week but said nothing.

Then Valentine’s Day came. The physicist made such a tear-
jerking plea to the absent girl that one of the guys behind the
counter approached him. “It’s really none of my business but
we have noticed you follow this ritual each week. Certainly
you know no one is sitting at that table.”

“Quantum physics proves empty space is never truly empty,”
the intellectual scientist said. “Virtual particles come into
existence and vanish all the time. You never know when the
proper wave function will collapse and a girl might suddenly
appear there."

The clerk was amazed at the logic. “Dude, that’s interesting
but would not it be better to just ask one of the girls at one of
the other tables if you could buy her a coffee? For all you
know she might say, ‘yes’.”

The physicist laughed.

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The Physicist
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