Are you frustrated that you are spending time with an
employee but are not seeing the benefit? Consider this story
about the parrot that saved its own life.

It happened in Nagareyama, Japan. As reported by the
Associated Press, a parrot named Yosuke flew out of his
cage only to be captured by the local police. The next
morning the obviously valuable African Grey Parrot was
taken from the police station, where it had been silent, to a
local veterinary hospital.

It was there that the parrot gave one of the vets a name and
full street address. The hospital checked it out and sure
enough, the address and name matched what the bird had
said – and they were missing their parrot.

All were reconnected and the Nakamura family is grateful for
the two years they spent teaching Yosuke.

The knowledge and experience you are giving to your
employees may not show themselves immediately, but could
be hidden silently, waiting for the right time to surface.

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