A man was waiting for service at the counter of a large
senior living complex. Apparently the staff was busy and the
man was impatient. He saw a teenage boy at the end of the
counter and, thinking he might be an employee asked him,
“Do you know which apartment belongs to Mr. Jones?”

The teen said, “Yes, sir. I’ll show you.”

After walking across the huge complex the teen finally said,
“here it is”.

The man thanked him and gave him a $5 bill to show his
appreciation before he began to knock on Mr. Jones’ door.

“Oh, he isn’t there,” the teen said as he tucked the money in
his wallet.

“How do you know,” asked the man.

How did he know?
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As Aesop established hundreds of years ago with his
timeless fables we remember words best when we
become engaged in a story. Max has compiled an
anecdotal story collection designed to generate “ah-
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The search for
Mr. Jones