The store visit by the regional manager had not gone well.
Several displays were frowned upon and the stockroom was
not as organized as the executive would have preferred.
That evening I received a call from the district manager to
discuss what had transpired. During the ensuing discussion
I uttered a simple phrase, “I am doing the best I can.”

At the foot of the mountains a
BBC interviewer approached
five mountain climbers preparing for an ascent. She asked
a simple enough question, “Will you be successful in
reaching the top?” The first four gave the same hopeful
answer using different terminology.

'I'll do my best,' said a big burly guy with a heavy black beard.

'I'll give it my best shot,' said a tall, wiry man with muscles on
his muscles.

'We'll see what happens,' said a blond headed poster boy
for what a mountain climber ought to look like.

'I'll sure try,' said a young, dark headed woman with bright
flashing eyes.

It was not until the fifth climber, a short, scrawny guy,
responded that the reply changed.

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The Mountain Climber
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