It was a beautiful summer day in the city so a group of office
workers decided to take a lunch hour walk in the park. As
they approached a bridge over a medium sized pond they
were surprised that suddenly a man’s head popped out of
the water gasping for breath and then going under the water’
s surface again.

A quick poll of the group revealed none of the members
knew how to swim but fortunately one, familiar with the park,
knew a life preserver was available under the bridge’s
railing. Quickly the preserver was launched toward the spot
where the man had earlier appeared.

Within seconds the man surfaced again, but in a different
spot, too far to reach the preserver. A group member reeled
it in and threw it out again, but the man had gone under once
more. The second attempt also failed to be within reach so a
third time was in order.

The third time was better. The preserver landed right on top
of the man’s head.

Surprisingly he reached up and threw the preserver away
from him and said, “Stop throwing this at me.”

Astounded a group member yelled, “We are only trying to

The man then shocked them with his reply.

What did he say that so surprised them?

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The man in the pond