Entrepreneurs always struggle with giving people free advice. This is
true of consultants, doctors, lawyers, counsellors, decorators and
many others. One lawyer offers the following suggestion for reducing
the amount of free services he has rendered.

At a recent networking meeting a well-known doctor and equally
famous lawyer were trying to discuss synergies between their
practices. They were having difficulty carrying out their conversations
as people were constantly coming up to the doctor describing
various health conditions in hopes of getting free medical advice.

The doctor became frustrated because he really wanted to position
himself as an expert witness for future cases the attorney may have.
He finally asked the lawyer, “People must really believe all those
lawyer jokes as they are leaving you alone.”

“Oh, I assure you it’s not that,” the good counselor replied.

“Then how is it that people are not bothering you for free advice
when you’re out of your office?”

The attorney grinned and said, “That’s easy. Whenever I am asked I
give them the advice they seek. Then when I get back to my office I
send them a bill.”

“Wow, that’s a good tactic,” the doc pondered. “I think I’ll give it a
The next day the doctor began to prepare bills for all those that had
asked for his advice but decided to sleep on it overnight before
sending them out.

The night’s rest did not dissuade him and he marched to the mailbox
to send off the bills. When he got to the mailbox he was shocked.

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The lawyer
and the doctor
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