was an opportunity to work with those ranked higher than
her, she took it. She signed up for teams and committees
whenever she knew the group had someone that had input in
who would be promoted. She maintained a pleasant attitude
throughout the day, but really turned it on when a supervisor
was nearby. It was her belief that by maximizing her
productivity and visibility she would be in line for the next
higher job.

Her peers did not see it the same way, accusing her of
being a kiss-up. Things really got out of hand when she got
her last promotion.

To show their opinion that Nancy was a kiss-up they began
to kiss the mirror in the ladies’ room, leaving lip prints for all
to see.

One day another high-ranking female in the company visited
Nancy’s department when nature called. Upon returning to
Nancy’s office she asked Nancy why all the lip prints were on
the mirrors.

Nancy could take no more.

She called all the women into the ladies’ room for a meeting
to stop the lip prints once and for all.

“Look at this mirror,” she said. “I know some of you don’t
have a very good opinion of me, but other departments are
looking down on all of us because of these lip prints.”

“I’m not accusing anyone,” she went on, “I’m just asking for
your help.”

“What can we do?” asked a young protégé.

“When you are in here if you see that someone has left lip
prints on the mirror, please wash them off,” Nancy told them.

“How can we?” the protégé begged, “Lipstick is very hard to
get off glass.”

Nancy then demonstrated how she cleaned the mirror. After
the demonstration lip prints never appeared on the mirror

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