Today’s interviewing process involves trying to get someone
to think on the fly. Sometimes you get unexpected responses.

Take for example this applicant. She was asked, “If you
could have a conversation with anyone in the world, living or
dead, who would you choose?”

The question did exactly what the interviewer had hoped as
her immediate answer clearly showed how she thinks. At the
same time, he was astonished with her answer as her
selection was strange and unexpected while being wise and

Some people give immediate answers to a question while
others will give an off-the-wall answer as a tactic to buy time
as they consider the question more in depth. A quick answer
could be incorrect, or it could be the question was so familiar
the answerer did not need to think about it. A delayed
answer could be very false as the individual may have taken
the time to consider the correct answer – or to have come up
with an answer they felt was expected.

There is no blanket rule as to which answer is better, the one
thoroughly thought out or the one given immediately.

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The Interview Question
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