The young executive was returning from his weekly visit to
his mother when his mind started to drift to the challenges he
would be facing when he got back to his office. With this
distraction the speed gradually increased soon flashing red
lights began to illuminate from the vehicle behind him.

The police officer gave him a short lecture about safety and
speeding. But because it was only six miles over the limit the
officer decided that the tarnish the man’s clean driving
record and let him off with a warning.

Young man was so grateful he offered a policeman some of
the homemade oatmeal cookies his mother had made that

The following week the young executive was determined to
stay focused on his ride back into the city. Although he
thought he was doing well he was surprised to find his rear
view mirror was once again filled with flashing red lights.

As the officer approached the puzzled driver he immediately
recognized the policeman from the prior week.

“Was I speeding again?” the young man said, “I was paying
close attention to my speedometer.”

What the policeman replied shocked the driver.

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Homemade Cookies
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