After running her boutiques without a vacation for two years
Sophie was excited when her trusted friend, Nancy, offered
to manage the shop for a week. The only instruction Sophie
left was to provide great customer service and, time
permitting, throughout the two racks of old hats that had been
gathering dust for over  year.

Sophie was excited to see Nancy had great sales figures
while she was gone. In fact, much of the store’s inventory was
gone. Sophie was also excited to see both hat racks were
completely empty.

“With all the business you did,” Sophie inquired, “How did
you have time to dispose of the old hats?”

“I did not have to,” replied Nancy, “I sold them”.

You must have had to mark them down quite a bit,” opined

“No, they sold at regular price, in fact everything I sold was at
regular price.”

Sophie was astonished.

“How in the world did you do it?” asked Sophie.

“It was simple. Al I did was put a sign in the front window,”
she replied.

“Oh my,” said the curious Sophie, “What did the sign say?”

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hats to finally sell.
The Hat Boutique
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