If you have ever had to deal with an employee that offended
a customer, you’ll appreciate this story:

During a cruise to Alaska, a lady was amazed at the beauty
of the open field covered with purple wildflowers, the distant
snow-capped mountains, the silvery water, playful wildlife
on sea and land, and the glaciers. One day while on deck
she saw a glacier that was especially beautiful. One of the
ship’s crew was passing by so she pointed toward the
magnificent glacier and asked what it was.

“That's some dumb glacier,” she heard him reply.

She was furious. How could someone trivialize the beauty
of such a picturesque formation?

She ran to the ship’s Captain to complain. After listening to
her he apologized for her disappointment in his crew,
reassuring her they loved the beauty offered by Alaska and
was committed to making her vacation special. To make it
up to her he invited her and her husband to join him at his
table that evening.

Although she had been on many cruises she had only
dreamed of having dinner at the captain’s table. How lucky
it was that she cared enough about nature to be so upset
when someone belittled its splendor.

Upon arriving in the dining room, the couple was escorted
by the first mate to the Captain’s Table. It was elegant, with
special flowers, fine china, and perfectly polished silver. A
few other special guests were also at the table, each
representing affluence, prestige, or some other element of
high society.

Then the Captain arrived. Outranked by social stature, she
was delighted as the Captain made her feel comfortable.
The dinner was an enchanting experience. As the dinner
ended the Captain signaled to his first officer, who promptly
brought a wrapped gift. He suggested she wait until she
returned to her cabin to open it, a plea she humbly followed.

Her feet could not travel fast enough back to their quarters.
As soon as she was inside she ripped off the wrapping
paper revealing an inspiring picture of the glacier at sunset.
At the bottom of the picture was the painting’s title, which
brought a tear to her eye and caused her husband to laugh

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The glacier
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