Frank approached his college professor two days before his
final exam. “I'm sorry I have a
funeral Friday.  Is it possible
for me to make up the exam next week?”

The professor compassionately told Frank it would not be a
problem to make up the exam the following Wednesday.

The next Monday Frank called the professor to say, “I'm so
sorry that another funeral on Wednesday.  I hate to ask but is
it possible to postpone the exam again?”

“We can move it to Friday, Frank, but I cannot keep
postponing it,” said the professor less compassionately.

“Okay,” said Frank, “hopefully nobody else will die this week.”

The professor was perplexed. “How unfortunate that two
people you knew passed away so close together.”

“Oh, I did not know them,” shared Frank.

If you do not know them why did you skip the test to go?

What was the reply?

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The Funerals