Did you know people really do train fleas to perform in flea
circuses? It’s true -- and easy. You simply place the fleas in
a box with a lid.

Thinking it would be neat having a
flea circus in his lobby,
insurance agent Sally Smith decided to give a try at being
the ringmaster. She bought some fleas and an aquarium,
but the fleas were jumping higher than the top. She fixed the
problem by putting an aluminum lid on it.

It seemed like an entertaining apparatus for the children of
potential new clients until one day Sally was called to the
lobby. It seems a young child had knocked the lid off the

Sally was shocked at the sight when she arrived in the lobby.

What did she see in the uncovered aquarium?

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The flea circus
As Aesop established hundreds of years ago with his
timeless fables we remember words best when we
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