Mr. and Mrs. Smith were excited about their plans for a
weekend getaway following what seemed like one of the
longest weeks of the year. The bags were packed and by
the door as they waited for the car service to pick them up.

They were completely unaware that the cat was perched just
outside the front door. As their ride approached they
grabbed their bags to head to the curb.

Just as they opened the door the cat jumped inside. Mr.
Smith did not want the cat to be shut inside the house for the
weekend so he went back inside to get it.

When Mrs. Smith got in the
taxi she decided she did not
want the driver to know the house would be empty for the
weekend so she told them Mr. Smith had gone back to say
goodbye to his mother.

Soon Mr. Smith approached the cab.

What he said totally shocked Mrs. Smith and almost had the
driver calling the police.

What did he say?

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The cab driver
and the cat
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