One day several vital organs within a human body got
together to discuss the contributions of the belly under the
suspicion that the belly was not properly contributing to the
work as a whole. The brain, arms, legs, eyes, feet, hands,
lungs and kidneys had different reasons for being resentful
of the amount of work being done by the belly. To them the
belly seemed lazy and did little more than consume food
while the other parts did the work.

"We have decided that we will no longer do what we need to
do in order to feed you," they said to the belly, "
Because you
do nothing to help us, and you are lazy and unproductive."

The mouth and throat stopped sending food and the lungs
stop sending oxygen to the belly.

Soon the belly starved - and so to, did the rest of the body.

There is obvious application of this Aesop fable when
discussing teamwork. Clearly every member of the team will
resent any team member that does not pull their weight.

More discreetly, this table also has a tremendous impact on

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The body parts
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