A man was touring a senior’s home looking for a loving
place for his aging mother. He was impressed by the
facility's cleanliness and the staff's friendliness. That is until
they got to the
dementia wing where his demeanor
immediately changed. The tour guide, trained to detect
displeased guests, kept noticing rolled eyes, sneers, and a
general attitude of disgust.

Her customer service training prohibited her from allowing
the disgruntled man from leaving without finding out what he
so vehemently objected to.

“Everyone in this wing seems to have gone mad,” he
remarked. “Have they all gone mad under your care?”

“Oh, no,” explained the guide. “As people are admitted we
give them a test. Those passing go into the other wing. If they
fail, they come here.”

Intrigued, the man asked what the test was.

“We show them a bathtub full of water,” she explained. “Next
to it is a bucket, a jug, and an 8-ounce glass. We ask them
what the quickest way is to empty the tub?”

“Oh, so those with all their faculties will know it is the bucket,

“Absolutely not,” she replied, “The bucket is not the right

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The bath tub