3 parrots
As Aesop established hundreds of years ago with his
timeless fables we remember words best when we
become engaged in a story. Max has compiled an
anecdotal story collection designed to generate “ah-
ha” moments.
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William noticed all three parrots in the pet shop window
appeared to be identical, yet each had a different price.
Curious he went inside.

“The three parrots in the window look exactly the same but
one costs $1,000, one is $2,000 and the other is $3,000.
What is the difference?”

The shop owner replied that the $1,000 parrot was able say
dozens of words and knew how to send text messages on a
cell phone. The $2,000 parrot also knew how to say
hundreds of words in complete sentences and was able to
send email messages on the store’s computer.

Obviously impressed the man exclaimed, “I never knew
parrots could do so much. What does the $3,000 parrot do?”

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