Founded in 2002, Max Impact had the sole goal to help
individuals and organizational achieve a state of high
performance. Max and his associates strongly believed, and
still do, that
getting the maximum impact from efforts was
elusive to many. Yet success is not just something people fall
into, it is the result of a knowledge pursuit of a vision.

Each individual needs to truly believe they can achieve their
vision of the future with a clear plan and an understanding of
their strengths and weaknesses, including those hidden
talents that had yet to be brought recognized.

This is not true just for individuals, organizations could
become high performance living beings when they connect to
a shared vision.

Early days

In 2002, Max Impact purchased a dealership from 360
Solutions, an international developed and publisher of
leadership and organizational training materials. This
provided a core program for Max's consultants working with
companies in academic, automotive, retail, and
manufacturing sectors.

In 2003, Max became a strategic business partner of
International to add employment assessments to its portfolio.
This addition allowed the analysis of how success in a
specific position was attained so new people could be
assessed for the right talents for a particular position,
existing employees aligned with the right career, and
leadership could receive direct appraisals of their leadership

Efforts were successful with clients including General Motors,
Trinity Healthcare, Macomb Community College, State of
Michigan, United States Department of Labor, and many

By 2009, Max had become known in many parts of the world
and began working in multiple countries including Europe,
Asia, the Middle-East, and Africa. The team also worked
extensively in the United States with federal, state and local
governments and expanded into the construction arena.

Despite this success, the team was most motivated by
working with individuals in the early stages of their first,
second, or even third careers. The
website was redesigned to deliver quality, unique and
proprietary materials for individuals, coaches, and business


In 2018, Max added a franchisee of Patrice & Associates,
the largest staffing agency in the hospitality industry and
growing in retail. Now Max's team had the ability to help the
individuals with whom they worked get on the career path
best suited for their individual personality and goals.

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Returning Veteran Expert

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