4 Ways to Lead Like a Sequoia

By the Numbers

The mighty and beautiful Sequoia Forest in California provides an excellent lesson in leadership. Here are the truths about leadership one can find while meditating under these magnificent trees.

1. Leaders are most effective in their “perfect environment”.

The area in which the Sequoia thrives is limited by external conditions. No matter what the Sequoia does it cannot survive beyond the borders of its forest. Likewise, leaders will find their own “forest” where conditions are perfect for their natural style of leadership. 2. Allow future leaders to grow. Mature sequoias tower over the younger trees. However, they still allow sun and rain to permeate all levels of the forest. Leaders must also allow those whom they lead an opportunity to flourish.

3. Adversity is essential.

Without adversity, in the form of forest fires, the Sequoia would become extinct. Likewise, leaders and the people they lead need to experience occasional adversity in order to strengthen their cohesiveness. Through diversity they will learn each other’s strengths and help each other to overcome weaknesses. It is only through the fires they face that they will be able to realize their potential as a team and as individuals.

4. Do not allow adversity to burn you.

Just as the Sequoia uses adversity for the continuation of life, leaders need to use adversity for their own personal growth and the growth of those they lead. Everyone has a choice in how they will react to the negative instances in their path. Leaders choose to stay positive.