4 Reasons you need a Head Shot

By the Numbers

Not enough can said about the value of a professional headshot, a picture of you from the shoulders up. In one sense your headshot is your brand logo. It separates you from others by immediately conveying the value you bring to customers, employers and those with whom you network. When many people look at sites such as LinkedIn they make a very rapid opinion on your seriousness as a businessperson. The lack of a head shot shouts "I'm just giving this a try" or “I have no idea how to use modern technology.”

Here are three more reasons you want to add a professional headshot to your toolbox:


As just said, having a headshot shows you are serious about business. People that use their company’s logo resending a subliminal message that the company is more important than they are as an individual. Those who say the company logo here the message, "I'm here to sell". Successful networkers are looking for synergistic relationships, they are not looking to buy your products. When you realize that, business referrals from networking will soar.

Opinion Editorials.

One of the best ways to set yourself up as an expert in your field is to get in the habit of writing editorials. Online sites, such as Ezine Articles, LinkedIn posts, and Article Blast, can get you high level visibility fast. At the same time do not under estimate the power of print media. If you have submitted an article through an online service you may get a call from the print media asking either to reprint it were to have a modified version for them to print. However before they will print it they must have a headshot of high quality readily available. Simply put, they will NOT publish an op-ed or opinion piece without one.

First Meetings.

When you meet someone for the first time send them your headshot. People feel much more comfortable about meeting a stranger, albeit a professional, when they know what they look like. This major headshot must be a recent photo. What an embarrassment it would be if you were sitting at a Panera Bread waiting to meet new business contact when somebody walks up to you and ask if your son or daughter are there.