2 Outlooks

By the Numbers

When we feel slighted, we are at a key moment in our life. We have two choices from which to choose:

1. We can look in the rearview mirror.

The rearview mirror look is a concentration on whatever we feel was the injustice to us. This is the most popular view people take. They spend time thinking about the unfairness, perhaps even contemplating ways to get even. Unfortunately, a fixation on the rearview mirror prevents us from a clear view of the future. Eventually we will hit an obstacle that will stop all forward progress.

2. We can look through the windshield.

The view through the windshield is one that considers where we are going. It is a look at how we can overcome the setback of the injustice, insult, and hard feelings. The windshield reveals where we are going allowing us to see the obstacles in our way, storms in the distance, and the other traffic along our way. By using the windshield we are able to keep track of our progress as we move closer to our ultimate destination.

It is important to remember that anytime we are driving, whether a car or along our life’s journey, we must continually move our eyes between the two mirrors. This allows us to recall the experiences we have had, the lessons we learned from them, and the voyage before us.

This is an excerpt from “Life’s Leadership Lessons” a collection of 53 anecdotal leadership lessons, each with an anecdote and the application of the topic in your everyday life. It is designed for use in weekly staff meetings or for personal development.