"People don’t want
quarter-inch drills.

They want
quarter-inch holes."

Theodore Levitt

Whether a corporation or
entrepreneur, having a great business
strategy is important for success.
Unless an organization understands it's
purpose it cannot develop a shared
vision of success.

As Levitt point out a business making
and/or selling screwdrivers does not
have a clear vision because people
want holes more than they want  
specific tool.

Coke and Pepsi learned that it is more
critical to be a hydration company than
it is to simply be a cola company. This
broadened their scope nd allowed
them to find a path that was different
than Royal Crown, which was once
America's largest cola seller.

When a vision and mission clearly
differentiates itself from competitors
both employees and customers
understand the value proposition the
organization makes possible.

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