Reason #10 – Interdepartmental Conflict

Many companies today state they want teamwork. They even rename
positions to “Team Leader” and “Coach”. Yet they keep the “pre-team”
culture that rewards departmental competitiveness.

"When you add it all up, the cost is in the trillions," said business
consultant Scott Hunter, author of Making Work Work. His work
consulting with hundreds of organizations has shown him how
organizational power struggles have robbed companies of profits and

The effects of interdepartmental conflict extend beyond the internals,
eroding customer service, product delivery, and profitability.
Most hurtfully, interdepartmental conflict robs people of their internal
desires to deliver for the whole organization, making it important to
“defeat” the other department.

Teamwork (a.k.a. empowerment, contemporary management) is the
single most profitable and effective management style. Any organization
the embraces teamwork must review their culture and make sure that
said culture truly supports the concepts of teamwork.

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