5 and 6: "You have to . . ." and "We are doing our best".

Tying in last place with a percent of the vote each were “You have to . .
.” and “
We’re doing our best.”

People do not to be ordered around. Instead of telling a customer they
"have to" do something why not substitute the word “need” instead of
“have” as it is a much softer word. People appreciate helpful tips.

If a customer is complaining and you tell them you are doing your best
you have a problem.


Because they are complaining about what you are doing, so if you
cannot do better there is no point in their continued business. Instead of
telling a customer you are doing your best why not let them know you
appreciate their input. Thank a customer for a complaint letting them
know that they are trying to improve their performance all the time.

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