In the second picture they probably saw a frog. If not have them look for
it now. If they did spot the frog immediately look now for something that
weighs more than 50 pounds. It could take a while.

After no more than 15 seconds tell them the thing weighing more than 50
pounds is a horse.

Ask: Can you see it now?

To help them out the frog is sitting down, facing away. The horse’s head
is all that is shown with the horse looking out of the water. To help you
out, the frog’s eyes are the horse’s nostrils.

Now that they have seen the second major object in each picture have
them look at each objectively again. It is probably inconceivable to them
they did not see it at first.


Perception is powerful, but once someone sees things differently they will
be able to see more options.

Here is another perception illustration.

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Frog: perception