Inspirational Stories
Making a point through emotion

"I do not think
of all the misery
but of all the beauty
that still remains."
---Anne Frank

One of the most powerful learning
tools is the use of motivational stories.
Unlike unemotional words, a
motivating story draws in more of our
senses creating a lasting impression.
Max recommends these stories for
the topics under which they are listed.

Inspirational stories touch one in a
way that pure textbook items cannot.
They touch each person hearing them
with an emotional dimension that
creates a long-lasting memory.

The inspirational stories Max shares
here are free to you to use to help
develop individuals and teams or as
the inspiration to try something
outside of your normal comfort zone.


Note to consultants and trainers:

If you are looking for resources for a
specific topic
click here to go to the
"Topics" home page where topical
issues are listed. Within each topic
the resources are listed by method
The Pringles can
Corporate culture
Desi Arnaz
Diversity, Decisions
Building the
Brooklyn Bridge
Problem solving
Roosevelt inspires
creative thinking
Biz strategy, Problem solving,
Creativity, Sales
Too old?
Career alignment
Columbus's team
'Doc' Andrews:
Little guy,
big voice
Attitude, Public speaking
'Doc' Andrews:
Little guy,
big voice
Attitude, Public speaking
Impact of this Learning Method
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