An article in Enterprise Ideas, an e-business solutions
website, attempts to establish seven ways a salesperson
can connect a customer to a sale. Many sales mentors are
emphatic there were only two reasons people ever buy a
product or service. Analyzing the seven triggers mentioned
reveals they actually reemphasize there are only two
reasons people depart with their money.

As the article states, people want to make more money and
save more money. It also points out that they want to save
time but fails to acknowledge they also want to make time
available for activities other than those currently occupying
their minutes and seconds. A salesperson cannot help
someone make more money any more than they can help
them make more time.

a salesperson can help someone save time
and/or money but they are not actually selling that savings.
Instead what a salesperson is doing is providing a solution
to the problem that is preventing the person from making or
saving your time or money.

In fact,
a great salesperson is one that empathetically relates
the customer’s problems and comes up with very specific
ways to solve those problems. So when you look at the
items mentioned in the article you can group several of them
together as solutions to problems.

The other item the people by is good feelings. Making
someone feel more attractive, helping them build their
confidence through new skills or creating a state of mind
where they feel if they will live a long and healthy life will all
achieve the sales goal of providing good feelings.

Salespeople should think first and foremost about the
solutions to their customer’s problems and ways to make the
customer feel good about themselves, their family and their

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