It is not uncommon for a job seeker to run through seemingly endless
job postings feeling they are unqualified for any of the openings. Desi
Arnaz once faced this problem but instead of passing the opportunity
he came up with a clever way to prove he was the best person for
the job.

Lucille Ball had sold the concept of “I Love Lucy” to the executives
at CBS. The starring role was quickly cast with one of the brightest
comedians of the day, particularly because the show was her
concept. But CBS, which bought the rights to the show, did not
want the star’s selection of an actor to play her husband – feeling
someone else would be more qualified.

Who had she selected to play her husband?

Her real life husband, Desi!

Nobody should have been more qualified to be your television
husband that her real life husband, a well-known actor and musical
entertainer. The network executives claimed it was doubtful her real
life husband would be believable and that he might not be able to do

Finally, the executives decided to have him audition – this would
certainly expose him as an unrealistic co-star. Although he aced the
audition they still wanted to cast someone else.

Not giving up hope, Lucy and Desi decided they needed to prove he
could play the role. The couple used their own money to film what
would eventually become the pilot episode. Once they saw the full
episode, producers and network officials agreed to casting Desi and
the show went on to be one of television’s most enduring hit shows,
I Love Lucy.

Imagine, if Desi Arnaz had this much difficulty landing the job to play
himself on the "I Love Lucy" show imagine how you are going to
land a job without going through hoops you feel you should not have
to jump through or to compete with confidence against the others
trying to land a job that is perfect for you!

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