It is easy to spot the importance of customer service in a retail setting,
restaurant operations or consumer service industries. It is not as easy to
see the importance in the academic world.

A large educational community in Michigan was looking for a way they
could gain greater acceptance for millage requests among voters. The
expense of asking for voter support and the limits imposed by the
election cycles could be great success or major distraction depending on
the results of an individual election.

It was determined that results would improve if the community saw the
benefit of the educational community was providing. This benefit is not
just in the opportunities afforded by having a strong educational
community within the locale also the increase in property values by
having this educational opportunity available to residents.

The Symptoms
Marketing programs declaring the value of strong academics have fallen
flat the past. Many residents saw these pieces as self-serving more so
than factual.

Programs within the academic community and tremendous community
outreach and offered some of this educational opportunities within the
United States. This is evidenced not just by the academic scoring by the
overall enrollment be experienced.

Customer service was rated very strong was not seen beyond the
student-faculty level.

The Diagnosis
It was determined that customer service needed to be taken to a higher
level by instilling world-class customer service between faculty and
administrators, faculty and students, employees and the local taxpaying
community, and between the institution and its suppliers. This total
development of a superior customer service mentality would improve
both internal and external impressions of the community at large.

The Prescription
Mandatory customer service training was prescribed for all employees
of the educational community. Although the program would have to take
a look at the obvious customer service elements of running campuses
you would also take a strong look at student retention and outreach into
the community at large. Employees who need to see themselves as
ambassadors to everyone with whom they came in touch. They would
need to impress upon everyone the quality of education, diversity
programs, and opportunities available in all of the campuses in operation.

Future Prognosis
Following completion of the program to approximately 75% of
employees a millage election was held. Not only did it pass by a wide
margin exit interviews showed that members of the community
understood they were fortunate to have such a facility available to them.
Independent surveys showed that customer service ratings went from
“good” to “great” is even those employees who thought they were
getting good customer service in the past understood customer service
at a much deeper level.

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