We all know output is the product of our efforts in manufacturing or
creating something new. Sometimes
teams work in harmony but not
always. Even the best of teams may start out cohesive but once
pressures mount as things go wrong or a deadline approaches too
quickly, an attitude develops. Max calls this "out-pout".

During the auto industry’s struggles of the 2007-2008 era workers
General Motors and Chrysler awoke each day to hear news
stories alleging their work was inferior, the
UAW and or
management had destroyed the two great companies, and they
deserved to be bankrupt or entirely dissolved.

At the same time Ford employees heard their company was still
viable and had great prospects for a profitable future. Obviously this
affected the output. Negative work environments cannot help but
hurt productivity and, in some cases, quality.

Preventing out-pout
Out-pout can quickly become happier output by rewarding the staff
that worked on it. Here are several low- or no-cost ways you can
turn out-pout to output:

  • A personal letter to all that worked on the project
  • Acknowledgement on the employee bulletin board or in the
    lunch room
  • An article in the company newsletter
  • Special parking places for a period of time

Use this term for developing skills in these areas:
"Out Pout"
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