How many times have you been to a meeting that was nothing more
than a disguise to beat up on someone (or everyone)? This is what
we call a “meating”. The Bizerm comes from the impression of the
people attending the meeting because they feel they are being treated
like raw meat.

Meeting is typically a result of “chicken” management. A problem
arises because an employee broke policy or made a critical mistake.
Rather than sit down one-on-one with the culprit, the manger pulls
the entire department together to “lay down the law”.

Here is an actual meating that took place in a Rochester Hills
business that will remain nameless. Construction on the road in front
of the office was creating major traffic jams at quitting time.
Catherine decided she would get a head start by pushing out five
minutes early. After a few days management gathered the employees
together for a quick team huddle. All employees were told there
would be no pushing out early. All employees except Catherine
thought to themselves, “This ought to take care of Catherine’s early

However Catherine sat in the meating wondering who the others
were that were leaving early. No positive result came of the meating.

Disciplinary meetings are obviously required when things get out of
hand across a wide range of employees. However the purpose of
the meeting is to move forward – not to beat people into submission.
Focus on a new policy or procedure but to not harp on the mistakes
or problems beyond a brief reference to lay the groundwork for the
new structure.

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A Bizerm™ is a new business term combining two
descriptive words into a single word or phrase whose
definition is often only known by those using it. To
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