Today's Bizerm™ is “File Jerk”. Anyone that has ever spent an hour or
more looking for a misfiled
manila folder will appreciate is term. It
describes those that perpetually file items in the wrong place or do not
put files back in the cabinet at all. These are the folks that cost you time
and money as you have to spend that unnecessary time trying to locate a
critical file, typically at a time it has an immediate need.

There are several underlying conditions that fuel the difficult person we
call a "file jerk":

  • Failure to understand their individual value to the overall
    organizational goals.

  • General sloppiness.

  • Not fully understanding their contribution to teamwork.

There is little that can be done about the third reason, but the first two
are more easily handled.
Time Management skills can be improved
through online classes or by reading one of the many books on the topic.

Persistence is necessary in working with a file jerk. Let them look for
the file you need the next time it is missing and perhaps a few times
doing this will end up being the cure.

Use this term for developing skills in these areas:

A Bizerm™ is a new business term combining two more descriptive
words into a single word or phrase whose definition is often only known
by those using it. To see more terminology in the workplace,
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